Rock-rockin’ Phnom Penh this weekend!

That’s right folks.. this Saturday (30th June) I’ll be at the Riverhouse Lounge in the heart of the Cambodian capital: Phnom Penh. I’ve played there once before alongside House legend Jerome Syndam and absolutely loved it.. very glad to be invited back to launch their newly renovated club. So if you’re in the area – hope to see you there!!

Apologies for the technical hiccups over the past month, it’s been quite a painful moving process from – but a million thanks to Richard @ for all his help over the past month!!! Lots more news about tings in Bangkok and my departure from Bed Supperclub in the next update. . . peace.

  1. Great gig and BIG UP to DJ Illest and the rest of the crew at the Riverhouse, we recorded the set so I’ll be posting it up once I get back to Thailand!!

  2. Octo,
    It’s been long enough bro!….. Want you back for gigs at the Lounge and our new club WHITE…!
    Will have Goy [previously events/pr at BED] ( contact you for dates…