BK Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards

BK Magazine Favorite DJ award Thumbnail Super chuffed with my award, a massive ‘thankyou’ to anyone that voted for me.. never expected to win, so it was a very nice surprise to hear that I had. The award ceremony wasn’t quite what I’d expected, it was a rather laid back affair – no ceremony, no speeches – instead a decent Indian-buffet and free booze.

Q Bar also won ‘Best Bar’ and ‘Best Ladies Night’, I also play at Bed Supperclub and they won ‘Best place to dance’.

  1. Hey Jamie,
    Congrats! Nice to see you winning awards for your endeavours.

    I came back to the site to download some ish, cos I started at this new job and they have an ipod rotation policy and I stuck mine on and selected a chill playlist and after Jermaine Jackson, Do What You Do; Julio Iglesias – Una Paloma Blanca came on I was pilloried with vitriolic fervour last seen by a bunch of trendy Soho designers when the nazi-league marched through Old Compton Street!

    I’ve subscribed to the podcast, just keep podding along at a steady rate and you’ll save my skin!

  2. Cheers Myles… sorry for the late reply, loadsa spam comes through this blog, anyway – hope i’m still saving your skin!!!

    BIG UP!