OctoCast 012: Isaac Hayes – Tribute

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octocast.jpg My small tribute to the great man; Isaac Hayes, who passed away Sunday 10th August at his home in Memphis Tennessee aged 65 years old. In 1971 he became the first African American to win an non-acting Oscar for the awesome music he added to the classic blaxploitation flick; Shaft.
Not only Isaac in this one though.. other great new tunes from Mr Scruff, J-Live, Nelly Furtado, Hokumbox, Pendulum and me; DJ Octo!!!

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If you subscribe to the podcast or even if you just listen here, please do comment by clicking ‘say something’ below, the feedback (good or bad) really helps!!! (note: I’ve just decided to give anyone that comments on this one a free drink to Isaac Hayes at anyone of my gigs)

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  1. I know I said I would write something evil, but I just can’t bring myself to do it because you’re just that awesome! Thanks for rockin’ my world every Friday (at least!) and now that I can immerse myself totally by having you constantly on my ipod, I might not have to hassle you all the time on facebook anymore.
    BK Mag had it right! You are the Bestest DJ Bangkok has to offer!

  2. Hey Octo, wasn’t expecting so much variety but was refreshingly surprised, and the time went by .. really enjoyed it. You should do a pod cast at least once a month. really loved the tribute to Isaac heys. chao .. ashiq.

  3. Cheers Ashiq… I play a lot of different stuff in my sets, plus nobody wants to hear the shit they’ve heard a million times in a ‘new music’ podcast!!! My plan was always to do these as often as possible, but I’m busy so just do them when I can… the more feedback I get the more incentive it is to do this more often, so thanks for commenting!!!

    Drink for you too, next time you’re in BKK!! Infact, fuckit – everyone that post a comment on this one can drink to Isaac Hayes at anyone of my gigs!!!

    Don’t forget there’s loads more podcasts on the same page, just scroll down!

  4. Nice selection. The Hokumbox tune brings back some memories for sure. I remember you split up just after I booked you for the Oxford Zodiac! Had to sit through Top Loader instead.

    Liking the MR Scruff tune. Gonna check out ninja tuna.

    No dubstep?? shocking! :)

  5. Hokumbox.. for shizzle, I got that from my bro while I was back in the UK, hadn’t heard it in years… g’damn Toploader, stealing all our glory! Albeit for about 5 seconds with someone else’s song, but hey ho… they did their thing.

    Dubstep? what’s that then? 😉

  6. Hey , I really enjoyed it .It was awesome. great podcast. To be honest this is a first time for me to listening this podcats and it’s definately awesome mate !! :)

  7. at last someone who praises mr. hayes on a scale this awesome composer deserves – free drinks, yeeaah – thank you for that one!!!

    if you haven’t seen it, 8 months ago he was on conan’s late night show – so much fun to watch hayes conduct ‘shaft’:

    and even on the ukulele ‘shaft’ still sounds supercool – hilarious. enjoy:

    if your interested in some german hiphop tracks check our website above.
    i’ll try to pop in BED on 29th – to fetch my free drink, ha, ha!
    keep up the work.

  8. AHhahahahahahhahaha… that Ukulele ‘Shaft’ is funking hilarious!! Love it when the old white dude starts singing, classic!

    Thanks for the comment, but I’m not sure posting under a fake email deserves a drink, those links however… might just redeem you!

  9. Love your pod casts, play them over and over like old mix tapes made specially for me. listened to this one and the only criticism is that it’s too short. Gentle chatty knowledgeable; very interesting facts add another layer – feel like your in the house – MY house.

  10. hi octo,
    I’m in town now and just realized that reservations online have to be made 48 hrs in advance.
    is it necessary to reserve? or can we just go to BED tomorrow (29th)?
    we would hate to miss your set…

    oliver (berlin)
    jae (seoul)