The Russians made me do it!!


Finally had to give in and password protect my mixes as I got walloped by 14gigs worth of downloads in one hour a few days back… All my podcasts & mixes are still freely available, but you’ll need to either comment on this site, or mail me and I’ll send you the username ‘n password… It sucks but I’m getting my ass kicked by dem dastardly Russian spammers.

Comment below for password!

  1. Oh, and I also added a ‘captcha’ form – trust me… I’m getting ridiculous amounts of spam!! If you’ve commented recently about th Job2do mix – I’ll be sending you a copy in the next few days!! thanks for understanding!!

    ps more podcasts on the way VERY soon!

    octo xx

  2. Howdy doody!
    I am old and confused – is the password the same as the one on fb? what is my user name? Who am I? what is the meaning of life? How are you doing? Any chance of an ichat or natter on the phone?
    Missing you loads xx

  3. hi ,i came many times to see you spinning in bangkok i really like your style can you give me the password please i want to listen to your mixes ,thanks and change nothing, your are the best!!!

  4. Thanks bro… I’ve emailed you the username / passwords so you can download ’em or subscribe to the podcast. Haven’t uploaded anything for a while, but stay tuned – new stuff’s a-comin’!!

    peace… octo

  5. Really Got Enjoying You Mixes From Driving Bout In The Car Any Chance Of The Username And Password In Aint No Dj

  6. Hey Mr DJ 😉

    Thanks again for a great night last week teaching me how to play Dummy!

    Can you email me the password so I can enjoy your mixes too?