15 Jan

Musical Sketches…

Well it’s been a while since I spoke to you (people of the world wide web) so I thought I’d try and squeeze some of the musical oddities I’ve been working on into your beautiful ears!!! They’re mostly just ideas at this stage and are currently being worked into fully-fledged master pieces (ahem 😉 )

Anyway, have a listen and let me know what you think!

Mudslinger (demo) – DJ Octo (Original)
Buddha Bar meets 70s prog rock jam.. only 2mins, needs to be more ‘epic’
[audio:Surround.mp3 |titles=Mudslinger (demo)|artists=DJ Octo]
Spanish Riviera Blues (demo) – DJ Octo (Original)
This is my take on an imaginary HBO TV show theme…
[audio:SRB_Devil Version no guitar.mp3 |titles=Spanish Riviera Blues (demo)|artists=DJ Octo]
Molly’s Song – DJ Octo (Original)
The only (mostly) finished tune was for the BOTY CD… (more here)
[audio:DJOcto_Molly’s Song.mp3 |titles=Molly’s Song|artists=DJ Octo]
Flight… – DJ Octo (Original)
Original intended for Thai indi-flick ‘The 8th Day’ – It’s now mine!
[audio:Flight….mp3 |titles=Flight… (demo)|artists=DJ Octo]