24 May

Akil the MC, Hydro-Phonics & DJ Octo – Live @ Pontoon, Cambodia!

Akil the MC - Live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

PART 1: Akil the MC, Hydrophonics & DJ Octo

Akil graced the funkiest club in Phnom Penh (Pontoon) with 23 mins of classic Jurassic 5 tunes and a good helping of his own solo work, old and new. MC Hydrophonics did a fine job backing up his L.A. homie – and I’m dropping the beats… in Part 2 you’ll hear my DJ set that followed Akil’s show!
Listen online below • [download id=”1″ nohits]
[audio:../../../Podcasts/AkiltheMC_HydroPhonics_DJOCTO_PART1.mp3 |titles=Akil the MC, Hydro and DJ Octo (Akil Live Section / Part 1)|artists=Akil the MC & DJ Octo]

PART 1: DJ Octo (DJ Set + Akil & Hydrophonics)

…now over to the DJ!! This just the first part of a 3hr mix – one last track from Akil than it’s dancefloor time!! Listen online or follow instructions below to download both parts to iTunes!
• note: starts off with some pop/party tunes – if that don’t float-yer-boat then feel free to skip onto 40mins for the realness / proper Hip-Hop!
Listen online below • [download id=”2″ nohits]
[audio:../../../Podcasts/DJOcto_Hydrophonics_PART2.mp3 |titles=DJ Octo (DJ Set with MCs Akil & Hydrophonics) // Part 2|artists=DJ Octo, Akil & Hydrophonics]

DJ Octo (DJ Set with Akil & Hydrophonics) // Part 3 >>
Coming Soon!!

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