19 Aug

Singapore & Podcasts!

Hello you lot! Just a quick update to let you know what I’m up to, or gonna be getting up to… First off I’m happy to announce that I’m gonna be spinning (for the very first time) in Singapore at the awesome STEREOLOUNGE on the 28th of August (2010) – and again at the end of September (Saturday 25th) during Singapore’s very own Formula 1 event!!! Sooooo… if you’re in the area please come down and say “WAZZZUP!”

Secondly; I’ve got a podcast with tons of  audio goodies already loaded up for your iPod / Blackberry / computer / whatever.  Usually I’d simply provide you with a link that automatically takes you to iTunes where you can subscribe and download… Apple (being finicky buggers) are making it quite difficult to get me properly listed in the podcast secion of iTunes. Good news is that there’s a work-a-round, and all you gotta do is this…

• Open iTunes
• Click on ‘Advanced’ in the top menu bar
• Select ‘Subscribe to Podcast’
• Copy ‘n paste this into the box: http://www.octo.co.uk/Podcasts/podcast_newfeed.xml
• BINGO! You’re subscribed and can download live mixes, charts, interviews and a whole heap more dating back a few years!!

I’ll be at BedSupper Club this Saturday, so if you’re in BKK drop me a comment below and I’ll happily add you to my guest list!!